Cory Neighborhood Association helps the community

A letter from Cory Neighborhood Association President, Art Maurice:

In a normal year, the Cory Neighborhood Association provides food for the people who attend our board and community meetings.  As you know, this isn’t a normal year due to COVID-19.  Following the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, all of our meetings have been virtual and without any provided food.

It recently came to our attention that there is a local charity in our surrounding neighborhood called the Community Meal Initiative (CMI).  This is a grassroots collaboration of community organizers and small business leaders focused on providing nutritious meals for hospital ER staff, front-line workers, and at-risk families.

The board voted to support the people and small businesses in our local community during these hard times by using some of the unspent funds normally allocated for our meetings.

As such, the Cory Neighborhood Association will be donating $350 of non-grant money to the Community Meal Initiative, and we are directing CMI to feed our neighborhood ER team at O’Connor Hospital this holiday season with our donation.  If you would like to know more about this fund and how you can help, please visit

As many are struggling during this difficult time, let’s come together as a community to help those in need.  

From the board to you, may you have a joyful holiday and a Happy New Year.