Redistricting Impacts on Cory Neighborhood

Today, Wednesday, November 17 at 6PM the Redistricting Commissioners will vote on a recommended map. Register for the virtual meeting here. 

View the 3 maps currently under consideration here. 

View the interactive Community Plan Map that shows how the will be redrawn here.

To voice your support or concerns regarding the maps under consideration, please email all of the Redistricting Commissioners. Their contact information is as following: 

Fred Buzo, Chair:
Jonathan Bruns, District 1:
Lenka Wright, District 10:
Enedina Cardenas, Vice Chair (Acting Chair June-Nov) District 2:
Dee Barragan, District 3:
Gloria Collins, District 4:
Ramon Martinez, District 5:
Andrew Ditlevsen, District 6:
Freddie W. Sidbury Jr., District 7:
Sylvia Alvarez, District 8:
B.J. Fadem, District 9:

The Cory Neighborhood Association Board recently sent the following letter regarding our position to keep the Cory Neighborhood in District 6:

Dear San Jose Redistricting Board, City Clerk, and Councilmember Davis,

The Cory Neighborhood Association was formed in 2001 and has, through the years, built a strong relationship with the District 6 councilmember, which currently is Dev Davis. They attend our events and speak at our community meetings. That includes the current meetings we hold on Zoom.

Because of the many years of working together with Dev and the councilmembers before her, there is substantial institutional knowledge of our issues and where the hot spots are.  This relationship allows solutions to our issues to happen quickly and efficiently. This is an incalculable value, which makes Cory a great place to live. 

The Cory Neighborhood Association Board understands how hard the redistricting process and gathering input from the community can be. We want to thank you for removing the redistricting plans that would split Cory neighborhood into two districts. That would have been devastating.

Of the three redistricting plans under consideration, we take issue with the Unity plan as it puts the Cory neighborhood in District 1. While we have had some meetings with Vice Mayor Chappie Jones, the District 1 councilmember, we don’t have the strong relationship as we do with Dev.

Also, when studying the Unity plan, while it is a noble cause, District 6 looks heavily gerrymandered. The whole point of redistricting was to correct the problems that arose from past gerrymandering. If we gerrymander for one cause, even a noble one, we allow gerrymandering for all causes, even the not so noble ones. The Board unanimously voted to oppose the Unity plan.

Additionally, our Board, through unanimous consent, approve plans 3.0 and D4. These plans keep all of the Cory neighborhood in District 6. Because Valley Fair Mall and Santana Row have been an integral part of our neighborhood for over 25 years, there is unanimous Board support and preference for the D4 plan. With this redistricting plan, the same District 6 councilmember can address issues holistically with both of these destinations and the community.

Thank you for your time,
Art Maurice 
President, Cory Neighborhood Association

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