San Jose City Council — Housing Update

From Councilmember Dev Davis:

Good morning neighbor,

I hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend!

I want to update you about some actions the City Council took last Tuesday regarding housing. These items were approved unanimously. 

First, we voted to allocate $30.5 million to two new affordable housing developments with the overall goal of addressing homelessness and providing rent-restricted housing for our low-income individuals and families. The two new complexes are the McEvoy and Algarve Apartments. In total, 315 new units will be built with 136 of the units being designated as permanent supportive housing (PSH) units. If you’re not familiar with that term, PSH units are for formerly homeless people who need a caseworker to help them stay housed and address the underlying issues that led to their homelessness.

City Council also passed an Affordable Housing Siting Policy with the goal of creating more mixed-income neighborhoods across the city. Building affordable housing throughout the city, as opposed to concentrating it in specific areas where it already exists, allows residents to have more choice about where to live. Before the vote, I asked a lot of questions about the likely impacts of the policy on our housing development pipeline as well as how many developments we are likely to get in areas of the city that don’t currently have affordable housing. 

One of my concerns with the policy is whether it will prevent the development of much-needed new affordable housing by adding an additional layer of regulation. While I was not completely satisfied with the answers from City Housing staff, they did commit to frequently update the Council during the first three years of implementing the policy, which will allow time to gather data about the effectiveness of this policy. I will be watching this issue closely. 

If you’d like to learn more about this Affordable Housing item, please view Tuesday’s night’s recording of the discussion and vote. 

To learn about the two new apartment complex locations and who will be developing them, please see this information from Destination: Home. 


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