June 2021

CNA Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  June 9, 2021

Start time:  7:00 PM – 7:50 pm

Where:  Zoom meeting

Attendees: Art Maurice, Kirk Vartan, Kathy Moe, Georgie Leonis, Linda Brennan, Willard Simms, Faye Mowery, Lana Chou, Felicia Hipps, Steve Bowman, Kevin Roderick, St. John Johnson

Items to discuss:

  1. Approval of May minutes
    1. Approved
  • Finance report – Kathy Moe
    • UNSCC Dues has been paid ($200)
    • Chase $3,654.49
    • Meriwest $10,086.30
  • Next General Meeting – July 26
    • Councilwoman Dev Davis
    • SJPD Captain Brian Shab – Our new captain
    • Our City Forest – Violet Awwad, Climate Action Corps Fellow
    • San Jose Environmental Services Dept (Recycling) – Linden Skjeie
    • Valley Water – Barbara Keegan
      • 20-30 minutes, depending on how long Q&A goes
      • Art doesn’t expect Q&A to be that long
  • Community Art Project – Willard Simms
    • Willard has been away until last week
    • Many kids out there making artwork
    • Felicia will link up with Willard to connect to Google Drive
    • We’ll put out in our general meeting fliers that the artwork will be posted on the website
    • Currently word of mouth, will be good to get the word out
  • Dumpster Day
    • Art sent a message to Dev Davis about another Dumpster Day
    • Typically, Dumpster Day only happens once every three years
    • Art will meet with Kate Diefenderfer (Marketing Director of Valley Fair) and will ask about Dumpster Day if Dev says no
    • Dev advertises DD to the neighborhoods, does not reach out to neighborhoods to offer it
    • Last year’s DD was in October, will probably be good for this year
  • Open Forum:
    • “Drought forces water limits to be mandated”
      • Water conservation tips from Willard to be put on website
      • For example, water lawn before 9 am and after 5 pm slows evaporation
      • Willard will link up with Felicia about putting something together
      • Drought will go on for years
      • Willard could do a presentation during a General Meeting
      • 15% less than 2019 water usage numbers mandated as of yesterday
    • Suggestion to add an agenda item regarding website traffic
    • Mother Jones – Kirk is going to have photos taken for an article about co-ops
    • Website suggestions
      • Present a slide or live screen share of the website in the meeting
      • Suggestion to give gift cards to people who sign up to the website