July 2021

CNA Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  July 14, 2021

Start time:  7:00 PM

Where:  Zoom meeting/Art’s house

Attendees: Art Maurice, Kirk Vartan, Kathy Moe, Linda Brennan, Willard Simms, Faye Mowery, Lana Chou, Steve Bowman, Kevin Roderick, Felicia Hipps

Items to discuss:

  1. Approval of June minutes
    1. Approved
  • Finance report – Kathy Moe
    • Chase: $3,654.49
    • Meriwest: $10,087.13
  • Next General Meeting – July 26
    • Councilwoman Dev Davis
    • SJPD Captain Brian Shab – Our new captain
    • Our City Forest – Violet Awwad, Climate Action Corps Fellow
    • Linden Skjeie – San Jose Environmental Services Dept (Recycling)
    • Valley Water – Barbara Keegan
      • Valley Water is the district, oversees water in the area, authorizes rates for SJ Water
      • No outdoor meeting for July meeting due to short notice to Cory School
      • Two $50 prizes, Art will see if Santana Row/Valley Fair will contribute
  • Dumpster Day – possibly in October
    • Earliest is every six months
    • Dev asks for two months advanced notice
  • October General Meeting (filling up)
    • Dev Davis – City Council 
    • Susan Ellenberg – County Supervisor
      • Basil Saleh left, replaced by Jasmine Leyva as the new Communications Manager
    • Bob Wieckowski – State Senator
    • Amanda Orozco – SJ Clean Energy, Sr Public Information Rep.
      • Neighbors received a letter about clean energy
      • Large solar plant that sells energy to residents
      • PGE’s new CEO is progressive, aiming for more battery storage, etc.
  • Open Forum:
    • Willard will send Felicia photos of neighborhood artwork
    • Art will add a shoutout on the flyer for the General Meeting to see artwork on the website
    • Meetings will stay on Zoom for the foreseeable future
    • Discussion regarding flyer punctuation
    • Santa Clara Assemblymember Alex Lee nominated ASONY for small business of the year
    • Agrihood has broken ground, starting to prep land for construction
      • On 2-year timeline
      • Mid-2023 completion goal
    • Fireworks on Fourth of July were out of control, group does not know origin
      • Suggestion to check Cory Nextdoor forum 
      • July 4th fireworks going on until 2 am
    • Newhall and Monroe, July 14 around 2:30 pm, 7 police cars came for a person with potential mental illness or on drugs yelling at people in the street and tried to get into a driver’s car and was arrested