September 2021

CNA Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  September 8, 2021

Start time:  7:03 PM – 7:48 PM

Where:  Zoom meeting

Attendees:  Kirk Vartan, Linda Brennan, Willard Simms, Kevin Roderick, St. John Johnson, Steve Bowman, Felicia Hipps

Items to discuss:

  1. Approval of August minutes
    1. Approved
  • Finance report – Kathy Moe
    • Chase: $3,310.74
    • Meriwest: $10,088.85
  • October 25 – General Meeting (Virtual)
    • General note: Announce collection of Halloween pictures for website, there will be a form on the site where neighbors can submit their own photos
      • Send Kirk previous Halloween photos for the General Meeting slideshow
    • Dev Davis – City Council 
    • Susan Ellenberg – County Supervisor
      • Updates for D4
      • Potentially a representative will speak for Susan
    • Bob Wieckowski – State Senator
    • Will request Kate Diefenderfer – Valley Fair 
    • Amanda Orozco – SJ Clean Energy, Sr Public Information Rep.
  • Dumpster Day – October 16 confirmed
    • Volunteers: Linda, Steve, Willard, Kathy (maybe)
    • Dumpsters go right next to Cory School on Kirkwood
    • Typically, 3-4 dumpsters
    • Sponsored by Dev Davis, typically a representative of her office attends
    • No donations required
    • Linda will bring donuts, will get reimbursed
  • Christmas in the Park – Buy a community tree – $75
    • Kathy spearheads this event
    • Motion to support – Kevin
      • Second – Linda 
      • Approved unanimously
  • Christmas Tree Lane
    • Should get in touch with vendor (Mario) soon
    • St. John will spearhead this year
    • Potentially reach out to Lynhaven and other neighbor leaders for partnership
    • Typically, between 50-75 trees
  • Open Forum:
    • Halloween event?
      • Halloween Lane – take photos of houses and show them at the October meeting or display on the website
    • Website statistics: 47 email followers
      • Next meeting, we can try to have a pause where neighbors can sign up for the website
    • Agrihood ground-breaking is on Wed, Sept 15 – 11am. All are welcome. Kirk has been invited to say a few words.
      • Kirk will send email and make NextDoor posting, Felicia will put on website
    • ASONY 15-year anniversary is Sun, Sept 19. We will have $2 slices all day and 20% off pretty much everything else. Some elected officials will be there for a dough cutting ceremony in the afternoon (prob around 2pm).
      • Speeches and dough-cutting around 2:30 pm
      • Assemblymember Alex Lee and Senator Wieckowski attending, among others
      • Cool transfer tattoos of ASONY logo
    • September 11 – Emerald Society Bagpipe Players will be at ASONY at 12:30 pm, bagpipe players typically go to fire stations and play a few songs on 9/11
    • A new organization called Silicon Valley Public Accountability Foundation has been formed to provide visibility and oversight on local government policies and issues. Kirk is a co-founder. The two initial items being looked at are San Jose gun control policies and homelessness. If you want to learn more, you can check out the website: or email Kirk to chat.
    • Could we ask Valley Fair to host an event amid COVID outdoors?
      • We’ll touch base with Kate D. from Valley Fair to discuss options
    • Kirk got a tour of Santana West
      • Beautiful outdoor space
      • Mobile home park is leveled
      • NetApp leasing former large Splunk building