August 2021

CNA Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  August 11, 2021

Start time:  7:00 PM – 7:36 PM

Where:  Zoom meeting/Art’s house

Attendees: Art Maurice, Kirk Vartan, Kathy Moe, Georgie Leonis, Linda Brennan, Faye Mowery, Lana Chou, Steve Bowman, Kevin Roderick, Felicia Hipps

Items to discuss:

  1. Approval of July minutes
    1. Approved
  • Finance report – Kathy Moe
    • Chase: $3,328.74
      • Westfield gift cards (>$107.50)
      • Fliers $218.25
      • Dumpster Day receipt for next finance report from Linda
    • Meriwest: $10,087.99
  • July General Meeting review
    • Our City Forest: not great presenters, shame because they are a valuable resource for the community, waste of meeting time because presenter was grossly unprepared and had presentation material not relevant to our community 
    • Should invite San Jose Environmental Services Dept (Recycling) every year to remind community of recycling specifics
  • Dumpster Day – October, Date not confirmed
  • October General Meeting – Last Monday in October (10/25/2021)
    • Will likely be on Zoom again because of Delta variant, school may not even be open
    • Dev Davis – City Council 
    • Susan Ellenberg – County Supervisor
    • Bob Wieckowski – State Senator
    • Amanda Orozco – SJ Clean Energy, Sr Public Information Rep.
    • Kirk suggests Westfield Valley Fair Rep, Kate Diefenderfer:
      • She offered community space on site at Valley Fair for outdoor meeting
      • She also offered one of the movie theaters for meeting, can have presentation set up and then go right into a movie afterward
      • We probably would not get 100 people, although if we offer a free movie, it might increase attendance. May be too soon for an indoor meeting.
      • She could give a quick update on store openings and developments
  • Open Forum:
    • District 6 Neighborhood Leaders Association – Presidents of the neighborhood associations, currently about 6 members
      • Senate Bills 9 and 10 – about opportunity housing, most of the neighborhood leaders are against opportunity housing
      • Wrote a letter about opportunity housing, drafted by Larry Ames
      • State is pushing bills like 9 and 10 because cities are not meeting their state-mandated quotas for affordable housing, meant to streamline these mandates without the need for fighting against communities that push hard against these developments
    • Agrihood announcement – official groundbreaking ceremony on September 15 at 11 am, Kirk will sendinvite and registration. Agrihood garden is not strictly for residents of Agrihood. Farm portion will be managed by FarmScape, will have a farm stand from produce grown on site. “Produce at the end of your driveway.” Event every week with food trucks, vendors, all open to everybody. Meant to be a community asset.
    • Spotlight Newsletters – hosting a panel on Thursday, August 26, 5 pm (90 min)
      • Common ground gun policy in Silicon Valley
      • Vice Mayor Chappie Jones, Maria Barrera of Project Hope (Cadillac Neighborhood), Tara Fridditch (wife of VTA shooting victim), Kirk Vartan speaking in favor of 2nd amendment
      • Moderated by board of SJ Spotlight
    • Get well soon, Willard!
    • Kirk will run next meeting, Wednesday, September 8